Our Story

My Great uncle (on my mother’s side), Marcos Caballero at the age of 73 decided that he would like to spend his retirement following his childhood dream; which was to study his family’s ancestry.

In 1999; Marcos met a professor of genealogy from the University of Barcelona at a conference in Jerusalem. The professor invited him to come to the university and continue his studies. 

Marcos got his Doctorate while compiling all his ancestors from 1200 to present without missing a link. He told me that our family lived in Falset, Spain 500 years ago and they were winemakers. Marcos asked me to continue this family tradition by returning to Spain and honor our family Name.

In 2016; I traveled to Falset in search of winemakers but instead I met the Mayor. After chatting while walking and eating bread; I found out that he and my uncle was indeed close friends thought out the years. It was then I truly felt at home so he proceeded introduced me to local winemakers in the Monstant, Priorat region of Spain.

It was during that trip that the mayor honored our family with a commemorative plaque, in remembrance of our family who live there 500 years ago and the return to our roots.

It is my pleasure to share these amazing, boutique, exclusive wines from not only my family’s hometown; but from many more places from around the world straight to your home.

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